Solid Shutters

Characterize your home with traditional solid shutters – superb at blocking out light and stopping draughts

Solid wood shutters are great for Victorian houses or for those who want to portray a traditional old English look. You can add to this look by opting for a deep wood grain to characterize a hand crafted appearance.
Traditionally Solid shutters were found in period buildings that have large sash style windows, with boxed housing on each side. This design is perfect to achieve a near blackout affect in your room, whilst offering total privacy. Great for children, to block out the late summer sun at bedtime. In addition solid shutters provide immense insulation and to date are one of the most durable and robust forms of window dressings available.
Solid wood shutters can be used as window coverings, free standing screens or as room dividers. With this design you can also create either fully solid panels, or a mixture of solid panels with louvres on the top/bottom half.

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