Special Shape Shutters

Transform your living space, and let the light work for you

Make the most of your unique, unusual window and create a statement piece. A shutter design that is practical, yet stunning and is able shape the light to your needs. Take control with a bold design as your shutter can be made to any shape – circle, octagon, triangle, oval… All of these designs with the option of sunburst louvre’s.


At Emirates Shutters we make light work by finding the right solution to meet your expectations. Shutters are custom made to your window, emphasising the beautiful features of your home.

Your wants and needs are our main priority, which is why at Emirates Shutters we only supply the highest quality made-to-measure products. Each special shape is custom crafted, made to match the sleek lines and curves of your unique space.

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Special shape shutters ideal for unusual curves or angles

Transform your space with a shutter with many shapes including triangles and the circles. All our shutters are custom made, so are very versatile for making the most of the light in arches, ovals, triangles, ellipses, and even octagons!

A popular feature in older properties, arched glass doors are an excellent way to home your home bright throughout the day. A sunburst shutter added to the arch becomes a custom design feature of the room, and lets you control the light as you desire.

Special shape shutters

  • Curved or angled windows
  • Made-to-measure for your window
  • Make the most of the light
  • Excellent for Window in corners or angles
  • Custom made for your designs