Track System Shutters

Ideal for wide windows which can be stylishly covered with minimal loss of visibility .

Track system shutters are great to cover large floor to ceiling windows that require more than the recommended amount of panels. They can also be used to create a stunning room divider using a folding track option. Track Systems are fantastic as room dividers, doors, walk in wardrobes or any other part of the house where a long run of shutters is needed.
Emirates Shutters offer two types of Shutter Track Systems: By-Pass and Bi-Fold. Both options use a tracked system, much in the same way sliding patio doors operate. Using a small trolley wheel system, the panels are able to glide open and shut with ease. If required on installation these tracks can be fit seamlessly into the ceiling and the floor.

By-Pass Shutters Systems are the perfect solution for dividing rooms and separating living spaces. They work by allowing the individual shutter panels to slide from left to right by stacking in front of the previous panel.

Bi-Fold Shutter Systems work great with patio or French doors and can also be fitted to large windows. The panels are fixed together using hinges and bi-fold inward creating more visibility rather than the shutters being stacked. Bi-Fold offers a floating style, which provides you with more flexibility as you are not restricted to a track.

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